I cannot tell you all how blessed we feel to have been a part of your lives for a decade. Born on ClubLexus.com, Lextech was formed by engineers who are die hard enthusiasts. We LOVE our SC’s and we do help our ES and GS brothers when they ask for help. We’ve literally perfected the art of balanced, beautiful, quality lighting for the Lexus SC through years of advancement and as always every Lextech product is LIFETIME warrantied as it has been from day one. Buy it once and never have to again.

Our personal gratitude is given to each customer for allowing us to continue on and exclusively be the one and only custom SC lighting producer to our secured designs and copyrights we started in 2002. Over a million and a half unique impressions have been recorded in our store this decade by people like you  who love their SC.

Below are links to our store, gallery, and forums.


  1. http://lextech.org/forum

  1. http://lextech.org/gallery/index.php

Ten years of rocking in the Lexus world has solidified us as the only Lexus SC300 and SC400 aftermarket specialty lighting company on the planet. Our patented and trademarked designs are constantly in development with current new technology coming every year. Lextech stays on top of all new offering from the electronics world to make sure our lighting systems are the best they can possibly be.